Obama's Town-Hall Meeting

I just watched Obama's Town-Hall Meeting, and here is my review of it.
Did you see that “SIDE SHOW” that Obama put on today?
I did and if anyone thinks that “SHOW” wasn’t staged, you were born yesterday! That place was packed with his supporters. I can almost picture the slick snake oil salesman that we saw in the show The Music Man pulling into town in his wagon.
Obama will try to sell this plan to the American people and he will do whatever is necessary to do it. But I doubt if it’s going to fly. He packed this speech with “his SO CALLED facts” that will be repeated by his supporters followed by the old “Yes We Can” song. Obama will say “you wont have to wait in line for heath care, and in supports eyes it becomes a “fact.” If Obama says you can keep your current healthcare, in supports eyes it becomes a “fact.” If Obama promises better care at a lower cost, in supports eyes it becomes a “fact.” because after all Obama himself says so. And the crowd keeps chanting "yes we can!"

But for the first time since he became Emperor, Obama is losing the PR/message war and its killing him and his supporters. Obama has proven over and over that he is incapable of dealing with a hostile audience or even one determined and intelligent person who disagrees with him.
I was only able to see the first two “so called” random people that asked questions. It was SO staged that I couldn’t take anymore. I have no trust in his town hall meetings so what's the point. Are we just mindless robots that are to follow idiots and simply do as we are told? I, for one, am not. And HE accused his critics of creating the "boogeymen."
Our Democracy and the Constitution are at risk. The Obama administration and the Democrats keep throwing it on the ground and stepping all over it.
This is not just about health care but an awakening among Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, that they were sold a bill of goods by Obama whose true nature has been revealed as nothing more than a corrupt Chicago Community Organized. He, Pelosi, Hoyer and Reid are shocked, totally shocked that the usually polite and well-behaved and quite republican otherwise silent citizenry are using their right to protest the undermining of our democracy.


  1. I'm still waiting for the transparency!

  2. I live in northern New Hampshire. I didn't waste my time going to that circle jerk of a meeting, but I did have several friend try to "win" tickets to go, no such luck. I also have friends that camped outside the thing with signs and a lot of comraderie but of course they were all but ignored by the media. I can say without a doubt that the whole thing was rigged. The toughest question he was asked was--------come to think of it, there wasn't a tough question.

    I did hear him make one statement that will haunt him though. I heard the words and saw his lips move in sync so I KNOW HE said it. "we're going to cut $500,000,000,000 from Medicare."

    W.T.F.????? They take money out of my check EVERY WEEK for medicare. What the F### gives him the right to take it?? Didn't they screw social security up bad enough by doing just that? Bullshit!! Now THERE'S a good reason for even MORE people to be against his plan!!!