“Honest liberal” is as big an oxymoron as “intelligent moonbat.”

The poll ratings have been moving down slowly, but very consistently and Obama is running scared. . The liberal kool-aide drinkers will talk of racism and health-care while the ‘rent-a-mobs’ appear more and more to the town hall meeting - the short lived honeymoon seems to be over.
I get a kick out of people like Truth101who are hilarious as they whine about “being picked on” while their goose-stepping paid Obama goons in matching shirts and with pre-printed signs try to shove themselves in front of the CNN cameras and beat up on and use racial slurs on people who dare disagree with Obama.
Do I give one single damn about what people like Truth101 think or what they say? Naw, I don't.
And do you know what’s even funnier, Truth101? Watching puppets like you scream about “corruption” when Obama Party members and Cabinet members, and people like you cheat on their taxes. And hearing them say it's racism because Obama is sliding in the ratings The Democrats could pass a bill anytime they want. But they know it’s wrong. They need some kind of moral permission or “cover” from Middle America, and they are both furious and terrified because Middle America isn’t giving it. In fact they are drifting away from the camp.


  1. Hi Sarge, first of all, Thank you for Your Service to our Country.
    Now about Socialized Medicine, or Obama’s Health Care..
    Look at Canada and England they have socialized medicine and it sucks but you think it will work here because?

    Have you ever seen a single govt controlled program be cost effective and work properly look at the VA they are socialized medicine for our troops and they suck out loud.

    How stupid do you have to be to want to go to a form of medical care that has proven time and time again to be horrible and then trust a govt who cant even figure out how to control them selves but your going to give your health care to the fools.

  2. I thought Jersey Girl was saying YOU want socialized healthcare...same problem happened at my blog yesterday. Two conservative bloggers must have read some comments to a previous post of mine and then responded on another one above it "you communists, listen HERE!" and I thought "ME, COMMUNIST?"

    So, having said that...You do NOT want nationalized HealthScare, right, Sarge???
    Thanks for your comments at geeeeeZ, I love having you there and look forward to reading your blog now that I've found it, SIR!
    Thanks for your service...you guys humble me.

  3. Slowly, you are too kind to Dear Leader. Those poll numbers have been falling like a rock. Hoorah!

  4. I think of Obama's plan and I think of this image: http://is.gd/2dYxi

  5. The one thing that makes me madder than anything else is that all you have to do is disagree with Obama and other liberals to be considered right-wing/conservative.

    Truthfully, I expect Pelosi and Boxer and the like to insult regular people. These liberal elitists believe they're well above "the commons" and will insult them at any given chance. But to paint anyone disagreeing as "conservative" is going too far.

    They're basically saying, "You're either with us or against us." What kind of people do that? Well, we know the answer: power-hungry socialist elitists.

    Speak against anything Obama and company want and you're a right-winger.

    So much for change and stepping across the aisle.