How Do I Feel About Obama's Health Care Plan?

I didn't speak up enough against the government bailouts of the banking and automotive industries. Furthermore, I wasn't paying as much attention (as was the case for millions of Americans) when the laws allowing outsourcing were being passed. I'm not making the same mistake this time. I also agree that the healthcare system is broken and needs repair, and that there must be a better system out there, all we have to do is find it. And I'm not just bashing Obama for the sake of bashing him.. But this idea is not a good one! . As far as the privatization of Social Security,..bad idea again. Thankfully it was defeated.

It is amazing to me at the total ignorance of some Americans. We have foreign countries telling us and telling Obama that America does not want socialized medicine. I saw a a post on another blog from someone from the UK telling us we do not want socialized medicine and yet I am totally disgusted by the lack of knowledge the people who have posted comments on some of the blogs that I read . I suggest you talk to a Vet! Ask one of them what kind of care is given to them at a GOVERNMENT RUN MEDICAL FACILITY

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