Debt for New Jets Program

The same clowns in Congress who chastised the Auto executives for flying to Washington D.C. on executive jets.
The same American Royalty Circus clowns are now asking for $550,000,000 (give or take a few million. Who’s counting?) to buy eight luxurious new jets to upgrade its already-large fleet of luxury aircraft. After all, we can’t expect Queen Nancy and her retinue to make do with those old, slow boats in which they’re currently forced to jet around the world.
With Cash-for-Clunkers, the government pays $4500 toward the purchase of your new car but you have to make the monthly payments yourself. With More Debt-for-New Jets, the Congress Clowns laughs at the $80 million price tag per new jet and sticks you with the monthly payments.
Is something wrong with that picture?
And silly me, I thought we were in a recession.


  1. The C-40 costs about $5,700-an-hour to fly, according to the Department of Defense. The smaller Gulfstream V, called a C-37 by the military, seats as many as 12 passengers and costs about $3,000 an hour to operate.

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  3. Can we get any money back if we trade in our crap politicians?

  4. Sarge, from your sidebar:

    Among Barack Obama's 34 unaccountable "czars" are at least two whose radical roots and extremist views should disqualify them from service in government

    I don't care about them so much, HE couldn't get the clearance necessary to be on HIS OWN security detail! How frigging pathetic is that??

  5. Sarge, I forgot a few things. First, thank you for 27 years of your life of service to our great country! Second, you have a very nice start here, keep up the great work. Third, welcome to the world of blogging. Oh yeah, and thanks for popping in at my place. I hope you enjoyed your visit. The welcome mat is always out.

  6. Avg American, thank YOU for the very kind words..

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