The honeymoon is over.

Americans are finally getting a good look at the man in the White House. They’ve been thrilled by his speeches, love his kids and almost desperately want to believe he is who they voted for. It turns out, however, that he simply can’t tolerate disagreement. In President Barack Obama’s view, those who disagree with him really ought to just shut up. The honeymoon is over...and the more the Anointed Won and his enforcers show up at these townhall meetings...the more people will show up and express their opposition to the loss of our personal freedoms. The battle has just begun.
And then there's Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer calling dissenters *un~American,* and Pelosi even mentioned *swastika* carrying persons.

If ANYONE here can be accused of emulating Nazis, it isn't WE, the people. Has our Congress become part of the Obama Gestapo? It appears so.

This is not a Republican vs. Democrat thing, it is Socialism-Communism vs. Freedom thing and our lives and the lives of future generations will be determined by what we do to stop this NOW.

It's the most important civic activity most of us will ever engage in.

It appears Obama has finally met a community he couldn't organize!


  1. All I have seen the naysayers do is their best to disrupt and mislead Sgt, York. Offer an alternative. Or stand up and say you think our health insurance system is fine with you.

    I'll accept that you're whom you say you are and I expect that a leader of men as yourself would have no problem posting his ideas about our health insurance system.

  2. Mr. Truth, you can accept whatever you wish to, I couldn't care less.

    In fact I don't care at all.

  3. Sgt: Would you send me an email, I need to ask you a question. You can find my email link on my profile. Thank you so much. You can delete this when you are done reading, since it's off topic.